Anti-Inflammatory Pack for Four Month

Anti-Inflammatory Pack for Four Month

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Aiwo OMEGA 3 Triple Strength fish oil contains 1000mg of omega 3 fatty acids. It includes the beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA-460) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA-380).Total omega 3 fatty acid 70% minimum and has the optimal level of 840mg omega 3 per softgel. Omega 3 derived from Sardine fish and its undergoes Multiple filtration technology to obtain high quality Omega 3 extract. Aiwo CURCUMIN RICH contains BCM 95 patented 493mg TURMERIC EXTRACT with 7mg Piperine for enhanced bioavailability, absorption and sustained retention time in the body. Its bioavailability increased by 7 times more than other curcumin products in the market.

Brain Health

Omega-3 has a positive impact on the brain and reduces symptoms of depression. Fish oil can improve brain function in people with memory problems, such as those with Alzheimer's disease, or other cognitive impairments, Reduce metabolic syndrome, depression, Prevent stroke, and Improve sleep.


Anxiety and Depression

Studies have shown that omega-3 plays an important role in reducing anxiety and fighting depression.


Heart Health

Omega-3 fatty acids benefit heart health by decreasing triglycerides, reducing blood clotting, Irregular heartbeats, and preventing Coronary Heart Disease.



Curcumin is a potent antioxidant. It helps to neutralize the effect of free radicals.



Curcumin has positive effects on mental health, reduces depression, and improves memory.



Curcumin is known for its potent anti-inflammatory property.


What is Inside?

Product Type



Omega 3 Triple Strength- 1000 mg Curcumin BCM95- 500 mg


Omega 3 Triple Strength- Fish oil Rich in omega 3 acids 1000mg (EPA 460mg, DHA 380mg). Curcumin Rich-480 mg TM Purified Turmeric Extract (BCM 95 ), 20 mg Piperine.

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