AIWO Frequently Asked Questions

What is AIWO's approach to ageing and health?

AIWO is redefining ageing by focusing on extending both lifespan and healthspan. We emphasise early identification of health risks and personalised interventions.


What does AIWO's holistic wellness treatment include?

AIWO provides a comprehensive wellness experience, including advanced diagnostics, AI-based smart reports, and a range of treatments, all adhering to international quality standards.


What unique services does AIWO offer for overall well-being?

We offer services like IV Spa sessions, Photon Light Therapy, specialised Yoga, AIWOSculpt for body contouring, Pelvic Floor Muscle Strengthening, comprehensive dental screening, and more.


How does AIWO ensure the quality of its products?

AIWO conducts multiple quality and purity audits during the manufacturing of its products, ensuring full FDA compliance and the highest standards.


How does AIWO personalise health and nutrition plans?

We offer personalised nutrition plans through diagnosis and supplements, tailored to individual health profiles and needs, aimed at nurturing the body for long-term health benefits.

How can I access online doctor consultations through AIWO?

AIWO offers online doctor consultations, for which you may contact us.

What range of health tests does AIWO offer?

AIWO provides a variety of health tests designed to evaluate different aspects of your health and wellness.


What types of supplements does AIWO provide?

AIWO offers tailor-made supplements, catering to a wide range of nutritional needs and health goals.

What age group are AIWO's products designed for?

AIWO's products and services are designed for individuals over the age of 18, with a focus on enhancing overall health and addressing specific health conditions.

How can I track my order from AIWO?

Once your order is placed, a tracking number will be sent to your registered email address/phone number, allowing you to track the shipment.

What is AIWO's policy on returns and replacements?

AIWO allows returns or replacements for wrong items delivered or products that are physically damaged or tampered with, subject to certain terms and conditions.

Should I consult with a doctor before taking AIWO supplements?

It's recommended to consult with a doctor before starting any supplements, especially if you have existing health concerns or are taking other medications