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AIWO offers a comprehensive approach to help you take control of your health journey.
With the help of science, we help you reduce your biological age and slow down your rate of ageing.

Your Health, Your Journey, Our Expertise

  • AIWO Bloodtest

    Comprehensive Blood Test and Analysis for a deep understanding of your health right from the comfort of your home.

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  • Epigenetic Age Testing

    Uncover your biological rate of ageing,
    with tailored insights for health risks and anti-ageing strategies.

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  • DEXA Scan

    A comprehensive evaluation of bone density, body fat, and muscle mass, pivotal for tailored health and fitness strategies.

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  • VO2 MAX Testing

    A comprehensive measure of cardiovascular fitness, assessing your maximum oxygen uptake, essential for customizing your endurance training and fitness goals.

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How AIWO Supplements Transform Your Life

  • Customised to you

  • Quality supplements backed by science

  • Transparency

  • Holistic Care


Achieve your dream body with AIWOSculpt's non-surgical, advanced sculpting techniques using HIFEM, EMS, and RF technology.

This revolutionary treatment mimics intensive exercise, reducing fat and building muscle.

Increase muscle by 16%, reduce fat by 19%, and experience the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in just 30 minutes.

Recommended course: 20 sessions for lasting effects.

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Experience deep hydration, this gentle yet effective treatment revitalizes your complexion, making it perfect for anyone seeking nourished and glowing skin.

Recommended for: All skin types

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Embrace self-care with tailored psychological services and AI-based personality assessments for deeper insights.

Engage in specialised services including CBT, DBT, stress management, relationship counselling, and behavioural therapy, all aimed at enhancing your mental well-being.

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As a yoga instructor and lifelong wellness enthusiast, I was drawn to AIWO's offerings, using the latest science-backed deep diagnostics for preventive care. I discovered a number of health issues that needed to be addressed and went unnoticed during my regular annual health check. Thank you AlWO team.

Rola Tassabehji (Yoga Instructor)

The comprehensive diagnosis at AIWO revealed disappointing facts and identified medical issues which I would have never found with the routine checkups I used to do.

Since then, I have been following the holistic treatment philosophy suggested by AIWO and I feel I am on track for the reversal of the diagnosed problems. The empathy and attention I received by all AlWO staff make me feel "safe" health wise and in the hands of people who sincerely care about my health.

Khaled Awad (CEO)

Hi I'm Dr. Mridhula I came in for a hydrafacial session and believe me it's was really mind boggling. My skin felt so fresh and hydrated and I felt i almost got back my lost look. Procedure was simple painless and staffs where all very professional....The cosmetologist has recommended me to take up this session monthly once and will surely do so. I recommend Aiwo health center for a good betterment start....thank you.


I am extremely satisfied with the consultation for my mother. Good supplements provided for health improvement, seeing the result in a month.

Nikhil Singh

Very affordable and made me realise that if you take care of your body even before you fall sick you'll end up never falling sick ever. Precaution is always better than cure.


I enjoyed VO2 Max the most, but that was quite new for me. Otherwise, every service was at par. I'll recommend AIWO for anyone who is willing to improve their health and wants to know what's happening inside their body

Neil, Marketing Company Owner

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