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Optimize your health with the AiWO DEXA Scan, a lab test that offers precise bone density and body composition analysis. Ideal for health enthusiasts seeking to enhance their lifestyle through accurate bone health assessments.
The AiWO DEXA Scan is a quick and accurate test to check your bone health and body composition. It's great for anyone who wants to understand their bone density and body fat, helping you plan a healthier lifestyle.
    DEXA Scan medical imaging technology

    The DEXA Scan includes:

    Bone Health Evaluation
    Body Composition Analysis
    Muscle Mass Assessment
    Fat Percentage Measurement

    Highly recommended for people with

    Osteoporosis Risk
    Body Composition Analysis
    Fitness Tracking
    Weight Management
    Athletic Performance
    Health Optimisation

    Preparation for the test



    • It is advisable to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing (gown provided by the hospital) to ensure ease of movement during the test.
    • Fasting for 1 hour before the test is recommended.
    • Avoid using talcum powder on your body on the day of the exam.
    • Refrain from wearing clothing with zippers, grommets, or metal buttons, whether covered or uncovered.
    • Avoid clothing that contains metallic threads, sparkles, or studs,
    • Remove any long necklaces, wristwatches, rings, belly button rings, or metal belts.
    • If you are wearing an underwire bra, please inform the staff, as it may need to be removed during the exam.
    • Do not take any calcium pills for about 1-2 days before the test, as they can interfere with the accuracy of the results.
    • Remove dental applications, hearing aid, and eyeglasses before the procedure.

    How does it work

    1. Click the package of your choice, fill the simple online form with basic details, make the payment. You will receive a call for home sample collection.
    2. We will send a certified medical professional to visit your place for specimen collection.
    3. The soft copy of your lab test reports will be emailed to your registered email id and a hard copy will be couriered to your registered address.
    4. We will schedule a free online video consultation with our empaneled doctors for the assessment of your lab test reports and get your medical concerns clarified with our doctors for free professional Medical advice to understand your results better.

    Why test with AIWO?

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    Sample collection at your convenient place
    A certified medical professional will collect your sample using hygienic equipment at your doorstep or from a location of your preference. Stay safe at home. No more traffic or Lab queues to get tests done by opting for Home Sample Collection or at your convenient place.
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    AiWO Powered Labs Tests and Reports
    Certified labs via our testing partners to ensure the highest accuracy of your reports and quality laboratory testing. Go beyond the regular lab test report with the AiWO Smart Report to gain further insight into your results.
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    Review Results with a Doctor
    Free Online consultation with one of our experienced doctors after getting your lab test reports and review them for free. Saving your valuable time and assisting you to avoid travel.