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Using the latest diagnostic tools, AIWO Wellness Center (AIWO) provides a comprehensive health check and spa-like services, with access to leading medical specialists to optimize your health — all from the comfort of a five-star hotel in Chennai, India.

How the AIWO experience is different from other wellness programs:

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  • Affordable and holistic wellness program with convenient access to top doctors and follow up care.

  • Combines the best of Western science and Eastern hospitality in a luxurious 5-star setting.

  • Based on the latest research in health care and precision diagnostics, helping with early diagnosis.

  • AI-based smart report and free doctor consultations.

  • Science-based data to empower you to take control of your health.

  • Program can be tailored to needs of groups of up to six or for individuals only.

  • Unparalleled convenience with most services in or close to your luxury hotel suite.

  • Measures optimal biomarkers to provide you with a protocol to reach your personal best.

A Preview of Your Wellness Program

  • Aiwo 181 profile (complete blood & urine test)

  • Dental screening services include scaling and cleaning

  • ECG-Electrocardiogram

  • Psychological assessment & counselling therapy on request

  • ECHO-Echocardiogram

  • Consultation services with the expert dermatologist

  • TMT- Treadmill test

  • Ophthalmologist consultation if required

  • Omega3 test (Inflammatory assessment test)

  • Stretching, Strength training & Ashiatsu therapies

  • Ultrasound screening of whole abdomen & pelvis

  • Massage/ Sauna

  • Coronary artery calcification score- (CT)

  • Healthy & Nutritious meals

  • Posture screening test/ Posture corrections

  • Recommendations for high-quality supplements for 30 days to improve your overall health based on your blood test reports

  • Body composition analysis

  • Free virtual consultation with the expert doctors within 30 days of departure to monitor progress.

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The Leela Palace, Chennai

Guests will stay in the five-star The Leela Palace Hotel in Chennai, India and
enjoy all its facilities and restaurant outlets including fine dining experiences at the Indian and Chinese restaurants, as well as international cuisine.

Unlike other retreats that are overly structured and with special meal plans, we give our guests the choice to eat wherever and whatever they please, but we encourage and guide them to make healthy choices based on their individual needs.

While most of the program will be in the hotel or in facilities close to the hotel, there will be ample free time in the afternoons as well as the last day to explore Chennai or catch up with work.

Wellness Program at Five Star Luxury Hotel "The Leela Palace" @ USD 6000 per person & USD 10,000 per couple. (Inclusive of all tests, treatments, food and stay. Includes supplements for 90 days)

Call +91 86820 86820 to know more details


Explore the specially crafted menu by our talented chefs, designed to provide you with an exquisite taste of everything The Leela Palace has in store. Indulge in a culinary journey through three distinct restaurants, where you can savor global cuisines prepared by renowned chefs from around the world. Download the menu now to embark on a delightful health vacation experience.


About Us

AIWO (from the word AIWO which in Japanese translated to Love Thyself) is an Indian-based science-driven wellness center that provides personalized and advanced diagnostics with a range of spa-like treatments to help guests diagnose illness early and optimize their health and wellbeing. It follows a new healthcare model, based on prevention and personalization, as well as the belief that we owe it to ourselves to know our bodies and learn how to thrive at any age.

Using the latest advances in modern medicine and leveraging the unparallel hospitality and value for money that India offers, AIWO makes health optimization accessible. To date, since we launched in 2022, we have empowered more than 500 individuals to achieve their full health and well-being potential without paying a fortune.

The program is tailored for a three or four-night stay with a full spectrum of diagnostic tests, including advanced blood testing and as well individual personalized consultation, while getting pampered in a luxury spa-like setting.


Aiwo’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve the best health and well-being. Aiwo provides individuals with knowledge about their health and the tools to achieve peak physical and mental health. We diagnose and recommend a tailor-made wellness protocol to assist you from within and to enhance our customer’s physical and mental performance.


Our long-term vision is to enhance the lives of 100,000 people by the year 2025, providing unparalleled care and service for their lifelong wellness journey.

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